About Us

Professional Earthmoving Contractors!

We are the Toowoomba’s premier earthmoving and restoration contractor. We are a team of committed professionals who pride ourselves in the quality of customer satisfaction and workmanship with several years of knowledge and experience across a broad range of project types.

This has been conquered by employing the right people and offering them the right equipment to execute the job and by establishing our know-how and skills based on our extensive experience. Over the years, we have adapted to the modifications of increasing standards, advancing technology, and the need to assure higher levels of health, safety and environmental protection.

Hylton & Co Earthmoving provides a broad base of professional landscaping services in Toowoomba extending from digging services through to trenching works. We specialize in a variety of areas such as site clean ups including land clearing and retaining wall services.

From reckoning through to completion at Hylton & Co Earthmoving, we are always seeking for ways to engineer exceptional value for our clients and more innovative solutions. We are furnished to offer bulk earthworks excavating package and we can take on a wide spectrum of projects from highways enhancements and trading estate development through to private and public landscaping projects.

Our professional team of landscape gardeners can take your assignment from designing to completion and we would be ecstatic to share our years of knowledge and experience with you and assist you to design your dream outside space.

Our expert design technicians utilize the latest technology to assist plan your garden and help you. So contact Hylton & Co Earthmoving and ask us any query you have about any of our services.